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Poweramp crashing with Android 9


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9 hours ago, garyg1345 said:

Since installing Android 9, Poweramp stops after 2 minutes, saying battery saver or task killer stopped it. I have no battery saver or task killee on my phone. Help, plz. 

Battery saving is built in to Android, you need to go into your device's power saving menu and make sure Poweramp is listed as an exception to its processes.


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The same problem with my Meizu Pro 5
Since the last update of the Poweramp, it crashes.
The system did not changed
Poweramp has all the permissions and I do not use any task killers or anything kind of that. 
And still, after 4-5 minutes of playback, music stops. Poweramp says, that the process was killed by the system.
Also, I did tried to change the setting of Poweramp-wakelock, notification, but still the same.
The only one way to use it today is to switch the brightness to the minimal level and switch the option Always keep the screen turned on in Poweramp.
Also, I tried to re-instal the app, but there is no result
Comments on Google play says, that there are several people with such problems, so I hope, it will be fixed in the nearest time...

Phone: Meizu Pro 5
Poweramp: Build 823
Unlocker: Bought from the site in 2013
Software: Android 5.1, Flyme

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Same problem...



Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Android 9

App version: v3-Build-823-play (full version)

Nothing custom other than 128gb micro sd that my music lives on.

ISSUE: App stops and complains about being killed. (see mmhmmm.killed.jpg)


Reasons this is likely incorrect:

- Happens when phone is connected to charger and at 100% battery (I'm no expert, but Android app lifecycle should not end if there are plenty of resources from what I do know...)

- This message is shown after it is re-launched for a SECOND time.

---- Ex: What? no music! Unlock phone. Poweramp says it was killed, and has re-launched automatically but is not playing. Click close button (see mmhmmm.killed.jpg). Poweramp IMMEDIATELY closes/crashes AGAIN, and GIVES SAME KILLED EXCUSE.

- App settings are as generous as I can set them (see all.good.jpg)


Even if my phone settings ARE the problem, would I have to turn off all battery saving options? I don't see how to add an exception like you suggested (see no.exceptions.jpg)




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Battery usage has improved since turning off Chromecast, but I still get crashes (with and without the killed notice) every 24-48 hours. Is there any chance that any dev or QA has an old apk for the v2 software that I can try using?

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In Settings go to Device Care. Select Poweramp. Turn button off that says it turns off the app when asleep. Android thinks it is asleep when the screen times out. It seems to be the only App that Abdroid 9 turned this on. Turn it off.

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On 5/13/2019 at 5:57 PM, Patcho89 said:

I figured it out! Go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Settings (3 dots on top right corner) > Sleeping Apps > Press on Trash Icon and remove Poweramp from list. Fixed! 


This worked for me! Thanks for figuring it out! 

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