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there's a new bug in the build 820.
DVC is enabled but it doesn't work, it's like it's disabled.
On build 816 worked very well.

Device: Xiaomi Mi A2

Where can i download the build 816?
I need to go back to that version until that bug is fixed.

sorry for my English.

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Not aware of this limitation. Would be nice to get some clarity. Does this mean that if I downloaded 790 through 799 from the PA site as they were released and activating each one individually with my Play store bought unlocker would I then fail on 800 because it would be number 11. Or does it mean that if I use the activation method of activating through the PA web site I'm limited to 10 activations?

I will say that since I bought the PA unlocker through the Play store and have installed each new version since 588, which is way more than 10, I've not had a version that failed to be a verified purchase.

My guess is that if you buy through the PA website rather than Google Play you will be limited since it doesn't require Google services access. It was stated somewhere that the Play store PA unlocker works on all v3 versions regardless of where you download from. Maybe @andrewilley can clarify.

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There is an installation limit (to reduce piracy) on all licensed versions of Poweramp, including the Play Store. This does not include updates, it's only against installing the same licensed version multiple times. I don't think the limit is as low as 10 though, and if you do for some reason managed to hit it (such as if you install new ROMs regularly for example) you can email support to have it reset for you.


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