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Samsung note 9 on one ui pie distorted sound in speaker


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I am experiencing exactly the same with my Note 9 since the Pie / One UI Update.

Bluetooth headphones (Sony WH-100XM2)  and although the output volume is much lower than it was pre Pie, it sounds overloaded. 

Tried all the Codecs under the Developer options, and all possible Poweramp sound combinations. 

It is really poor quality output, and lower volume. 

The standard Samsung Music app sounds  perfectly fine. I'm having to (reluctantly) use that now.

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2 hours ago, Mark Ale said:

Same here. I just updated my Note9 to Pie yesterday and there are a few issues with sound quality. First of all the sample rate is now up to 48 kHz and the sound with the speaker is very distorted unless I active the auto gain limit 

Disable DVC - is it better then ?

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