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How Do I Display Track Number?

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Thanks @maxmp , something to tinker with later then. Adding a prefix of the disc number (if that tag is present in the audio file) would still be a nice idea though.

I wonder if having the Track# visibility control in each category List Options might work if there wasn't also a separate control for the Player interface? Then it could be always enabled when listening to Albums for example (in both the list and the player screen) but always disabled when in Folders or All Songs modes. Just a thought. 


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4 hours ago, maxmp said:

I will try another approach in the future builds, with track number being a separate text element inside track items. Now track number is just a part of the title.

When on "View as" all the List option, may it be Album, Album Artists etc., the Track Number can appear with the duration and music file type.

Eg. Track # | Duration | Type

10 | 3:30 | flac

5 | 2:35 | mp3

I specifically chose LIST, since when you are in the list of songs inside an Album or may it be a playlist, I would not choose to show them in Grid.

Hope this helps. Thank you, Max!

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