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...I am so Frustrated with the 3.0 Interface


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I have owned and loved Poweramp for years. The new 3.0 version is terrible. The interface is nasty and confusing. I can't get PA to play and repeat an entire album/playlist.  No matter what I do PA shuffles the songs.
I posted this issue on the PA forum. A number of solutions were suggested  - none worked.  I reached a point where PA took the fun out of my listening experience. I removed v3 and installed v2. Everything works perfectly.

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This is the third thread you have started with the same basic question. Please continue the conversation in the ones where people have been offering help and advice on how to do exactly what you are asking again here ( https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16110-i-am-so-frustrated-with-the-30-interface/ or https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16002-play-issues-difficulty-with-the-ui ).

Basically though, to remind you:

  • Start playing any album by tapping on any one of its songs in the library 'Albums' song list.
  • When it starts playing, make sure that the Repeat icon in the Player screen shows "Repeat List" and the Shuffle icon shows "Shuffle Off". Tap to change if necessary. 
  • The whole album will now play, in whatever sorting order you have previously defined in Albums > songs list > (menu icon) > 'List Options'.


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