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Poweramp Build 820

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7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

I didn't know larger images broke PA, but I can't honestly see any point in going much larger than 1000px for cover images anyway, you are never going to see that level detail on any portable device.


I didn't actually know that some of my artwork was of such high resolution until recently. The website that I use to get artwork from usually gives 1500×1500 resolution, sometimes less. Plus, the quality difference is slightly visible on the PC.

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I am experiencing a strange issue which is repeatable on my phone but not easily. If I enable Crossfade all songs (Every settings in this section is default except enabling Crossfade) then play songs from folder hierarchy/album category (every other categories work just fine) with visualisation on in faded control mode & I changed tracks too fast then the next song is playing but in now playing screen + the mini player shows the previous track & it stays like this all the time until track was finished or I changed song manually then it behaves normally.

Also one thing I want to mention if reset all the visualisation settings to default it's still repeatable like the ui timeout, top panel visibility etc disabling crossfade is the only solution to prevent it.

I got a ROM update few days ago right now it's miui may be that causing this idk because I never used crossfade feature before.

My library is small (2100+) or so & it stored in a Samsung Evo plus class10 card.

Device Redmi note 4, android 7, miui global stable, Poweramp V3 latest beta.

Please note without visualisation crossfade works like a charm and every other music category works just fine only folder hierarchy/album has this issue.

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