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Android Auto force media volume

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Before the latest update that added Android Auto I actually used my own custom Android Auto app to connect Poweramp to Auto - the first issue I noticed is that the Android media volume effects the audio output in the car, so it's a gamble whenever I plug my phone in whether it's very loud or very quiet (due to adjusting my car's audio volume to compensate for previous media volumes).

The way I solved this was with a setting that allowed me to override the volume whenever Android Auto was open, so I could set the media volume to be at 80% whenever Android Auto was running and that would be the guaranteed volume when my Auto app was running. As soon as the I close my app, the volume reverts to its previous setting - works perfectly fine in a car as you generally don't fiddle with the phone's media volume when you are driving.


A similar function in Poweramp's Auto implementation would be great.

This is the setting I have in my app:
4SCUtZzm.png Mb5NAiNm.png
0% = Off which will default to whatever the device's media volume is (current behaviour of Poweramp with Android Auto). 75% will set media volume to 75% when my Auto app is open.

There's probably a better way of doing this through Android Auto's APIs, however I was unable to find this back when I made my app, but this is something that I really feel like the Poweramp implementation needs, it was the first thing I tested and noticed when the Auto feature was added into Poweramp.

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