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Navigation Bar Serious Bug


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Poweramp v3-build-818-play

Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Android 8.0.0


When I reboot app or stop playing and reopen app after few minutes, navigation bar doesn't mark the current song but instead the song which is placed first on All songs.

I've thought this bug is VERY critical so I believed this would be fixed but it never had get fixed.

To solve this problem I have to move to previous or next category. If I just move to another track then navigation bar still marks song list from All Songs. (Surprisingly when move to 2nd song from the album or any list, bar marks 2nd song from ALL SONGS)

Please consider fixing this problem asap. This is the last and only thing bothering me since v3 update.


Example: While playing Taxman I stop Poweramp or force app to be closed. (#1 pic)



And open app, play and you can see navigation never mark the current song but the song placed first in All songs (in this case, the song called #)


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