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Android notifications causing pause


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I'd like to quote MitchInOmaha, who's asked the following:

Whenever I have a text message or email notification, the Poweramp-playing music stops while the notification "rings" and then music resumes. Other music playing apps I have used allow the music to continue streaming while the notification simply plays on-top-of the music. Can this be done with Poweramp? I'm running Android Froyo on a stock-ROM Samsung Epic (D700.0.5) on Sprint.

-- Mitch

P.S. I tried searching for this and didn't find any previous discussion.

I guess it was placed on the wrong end in this forum because there hasn't been any reply to it yet. I would ask for the same option being implemented in Poweramp. Maybe it isn't possible to implement, but since I don't have any idea of the possibilities given by Android, I'd hope to hear an answer.

Cya! Oh, keep up the good work. It's a wonderfol machine, that Poweramp of yours.

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That is correct, but I need this option to be in use when navigating with Google Maps Navigation. Turning this option off would let the nav-voice be incomprehensible when playing music with sung lyrics. But with the option on, it makes the music pause too with every incoming e-mail, sms, etc. So I guess what I'm looking for is an option to take apart the switches for notifications and for navigation, if possible, of course.

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