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Adding duplicate song to Playlist displays same confirmation message, even when not added


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  • Poweramp 3.0 Build 816
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgel
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Stock Rom
  • Submitted this in the form too

When you add a song to a playlist (rather it be new or a duplicate song), it will display the same message of "Done" regardless if it is added or not added, due to it being a duplicate song with "Don't add duplicates" checked in the settings. There is no way knowing if the song was actually added or not added as the same message is displayed.

In PA v2, the message would state: "0 files added" if it was a duplicate song and not added, and "1 files added" if the file was added. This was very helpful in knowing what files are not being added as new or if they already exist.


  1. Check "Don't add duplicates" (Settings>Library>Lists>Don't add duplicates)
  2. Add a song to a playlist that doesn't exist > Message will state "Done".
  3. Add that same song to the same playlist as a duplicate > Message will state "Done", even though the file wasn't added a 2nd time. Message should state "File was not added" or "0 files added" to let the user know it was not added.
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Thanks for the feedback. Right, PA had count of items added, but all such labels are really hard to maintain due to the many languages supported and many item types which can be added/removed/etc. operated, so more generic messages are used now.

Nevertheless, for the case when nothing actually is added, I'll try to add some specific message (like "Duplicate, nothing added")

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