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Please Fix Hi-Res for Samsung Pie Update

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I have also reported the issue week ago. He said there is no problem on his s9+ pie and after that as I predicted, the reports started to roll in after more people updated.

I am on note 9 exynos and for me hi-res is shown, but it's pure garb*ge sound wise + clearly going via samsung processing and sound is affected from things in the samsung equaliser or dolby on/off, etc (but also regressing audio quality really greatly, it's far worse than the stock player and low volume generally).

I guess till now he knows about the problem and is developing a fix, sometimes it's not easy to pinpoint the issue + implement a fix. Especially when we consider that the broken effect to note and s9+ are different (for me it's shown, but the sound quality is super bad. For you it's not shown, etc.). Lets be patient, I am sure he will fix it asap. :)

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1 hour ago, cha0z_ said:

but no DVC for wired headset and if you read more about it, this is not only about how loud the player is... so it's still partial solution. 

Well,  it's announced as an experimental feature, not the final stable solution.


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I have gone from Oreo to pie and back. Sadly, pie isn't seemingly sourced for Poweramp source codes. Sad I must go to Oreo just so it plays. Sound and tones or eq needs work. I love the player, but we need to hear from max if it indeed is a pie one ui issue. 

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I have a Note 9 Snapdragon ver. and I too must report this problem. No 24 bit option in wired or usb dac(which supports 24 bit*Spectra X) no matter what I do...

Hope this gets a fix soon as no usb audio player pro or neutron come close to power amp for me... I've been using this app for 8 years now xD

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Anyone tried this on s10 yet (especially s10e)?

I'm going to buy this phone, but a good sound is very important to me, one of the reasons I chose this upgrade option is because Samsung still keeps 3.5 jack and the sound is very good on my S7. 

Also, does the issue only affect Qualcomm Snapdragon versions? I'm not in US so I think my s10e will be on Exynos CPU.

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