Users of Android 5.0 and above will be automatically updated to the latest Poweramp v3 via the Play Store, and we hope you will enjoy the new features and updated user interface. This is a free upgrade for all existing paid users. If for some reason you want to stay on your currently installed version and you are not using a legacy device (Android 4.4.x and below) simply turn 'Automatic Updates' off within the Poweramp homepage in the Play Store app on your device, using the menu icon in the top-right of the app page. If you have already been updated to v3 and want to roll back to v2 (i.e. build 588) you'll first need to uninstall the newer version and then download the v2 .apk file to your device from the Downloads tab at the top of this page. Launch the file from a File Explorer app - any one will do, even the stock one provided with the phone, but probably best not to try running it from a web browser as results are not very consistent that way. You may need to enable installing from "unknown sources" on your device first though, as the default setting is usually to only allow installs from the Play Store. Once you've rolled back to v2, make sure updates are turned off as above. Do remember to backup ("Export") any internal playlists, and also Export your settings, before uninstalling though, as this cannot be done afterwards. Some other database-related items - such as user-defined star-ratings and recently/most-played status- will also be lost, but ratings at least can be saved using external apps such as New Playlist Manager. Note: Over time, problems may start to appear with newer devices and more recent ROM updates - for example Notifications do not work properly on Oreo 8.1 ROMs. These issues are unlikely to be addressed via any new Poweramp v2 builds as all development work is now focused on v3. Use of build 588 on newer devices and ROMs is at your own risk. Andre