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So many genres...

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To be honest, I don't really bother. So many artists release tracks (even within one album) which fall into wildly different musical categories that I just tend to stick with very general genres such as Rock, Pop, Folk/Country, Soundtrack, Spoken Word, etc. These days you can make your own terms up too, you are not restricted to a predefined list like you used to be with ID3v1 tags. So rather like EQ settings, just categorise your music the way that suits you.


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6 hours ago, MortTheBeast said:

How do you all figure out the genre for an artist? Do you maybe use a website to search for artist and genre? There are so many genres it makes my head spin.

Generally I use Wikipedia if there are references to some sources (e.g interview. reviews) stating that. But mainly I tag it with the precision to the album, excepting interludes or intros who sometimes is just a speech or sfx. 

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My problem is I'm OCD and things have to be spot on. I realize a lot of artists can fall under multiple genres, but I'm trying to decide which genre out of 50 that might be attached to an artist I should pick to make it easier when sorting by genre. Maybe keep it simple like:


Classic Rock


Hard Rock


Heavy Metal




Am I missing anything? (shrugs shoulders)

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As I said before, it's very much up to you. Even within one album there can be wildly different styles of music. Perhaps using several tags per track might help? So for example something like "Chariots of Fire" would need to be at least Soundtrack ; Electronic ; Instrumental. (There, that's three new categories not on your list already :) )


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