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Still no way to disable fade-in

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There is still a fade-in at the beginning of tracks. As far as I can tell, no fade-in issues have been fixed. Even with every available fade-in setting disabled, there is still a fade.

I paid for this app and would gladly donate to fix this long broken feature, but still zero has been done to remove the fade.

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Version: v3-build-816-play (Full version)

Phone: Galaxy Note9 (SM-N960U) on T-Mobile running Android 8.1.0

App settings:

* Auto-advance fading: No fading

* Manual Track Change Fading: No fading

* Fade Play/Pause/Stop: Off

* Fade on Seek: Off

* All of the "Length" settings can't be set to zero, so I have them on max length to make fading more obvious for troubleshooting

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