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Poweramp v3 - audio ducking - app whitelist and volume

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Hello.  Enjoying Poweramp v3.

A recent update forced audio ducking in my config.  I've never used ducking before in a player.  Now that I've tried it, I actually like the idea a little bit, but it could use some improvement.

I would like to only have the audio duck when a sound/notification from specific apps play. (ducking app whitelist)
I would also like to configure the ducking volume level when an app is playing sound..
Finally, I would love to also configure the ducking volume level when an app is recording audio.

For example:  I never want notifications/sounds causing audio ducking, except for WAZE..  Waze is a GPS-enabled social map, which notifies drivers about things like police, road hazards/stopped vehicles, construction, red light, speed cameras, etc.  These notifications would be nice to trigger the ducking.

I would prefer the audio ducking to be less-aggressive in volume reduction.  It would be nice to be able to set the duck volume for any whitelisted apps, such as Waze, and Voxer.

This would round-off the ducking feature nicely IMO.

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