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Some things I can't make work the way it used to do.


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I'm still trying to figure out a few things but for some I reached the point of having to post here since even reading some of the same things happening to me can't get fixed by the solutions posted. 

I have several folders with different kind of music that I like to play according to what I want to listen at the moment; I use the phone (Galaxy S8) for erm, phone things and to listen music while doing my walks (wired Sennheiser HD 461) and when I go to sleep when I connect it to a pair of speakers. 

I've been collecting mp3s since they started to exist I have plenty of them and with that I have a wide range of volume output, for that I started using Replay Gain, tagging the songs on mediamonkey by single songs. This worked just fine on V2.

Now with the things that don't seem to work as before. 

- Shuffle. Many times I have to press again the shuffle all function after changing my "playlist" which is only a change of folder to look for songs. This is my only easiest way to make my playlists, a folder with 500+ songs and one of the main reasons I bought the player thanks to the ability to select a folder and done with it. 

- Playback not resuming after connecting headphones or the speakers. This is kind of weird since sometimes does work and sometimes it doesn't. Nothing annoying but well, it worked fine before. 

- Replay Gain got either broken or I'm missing something. I use mediamonkey to set the tags and even if it not perfect it really get very close to have all my music at the same volume, I test them before on my computer than I either update my drive folder to download the songs on the phone or just copy them directly from the computer. I have a few songs that I usually test knowing that one has volume too low, other too loud and "next 100 years" by Bon Jovi which is a pain to set since it starts low volume and ends loudly. I got it working fine on V2 but in V3 816 many songs seem to have either the wrong tagging or the settings are lost somewhere for me.

There's also the problem I noticed that whenever a song that has -20db or something because is too loud whenever is played gets silent, the song still plays but I can't hear it, sound comes back on the next song. So  basically many songs seem to get RP working and many don't. 

- Headphone controls not working. At least previous/next controls. Play/Pause works just fine, volume works just fine too but no matter what I set for previous/next (long press or double tap/long press) doesn't work anymore. Again, the headphone itself seems to work just fine with play/pause key and volume keys, just the previous/next function doesn't work anymore.

Everything I explained worked very well in V2, in fact I have an LG Q6 that somehow didn't update to V3 until actually just now that I wanted to take a screenshot (-_-) and it everything worked just fine. I even used the same settings for everything from V2 to V3 but nothing seems to work as before. 

Sorry for the long post and probably repeated problems, I just wanted to explain them the best possible way and have them all in one place since I couldn't fix them from their single posts around. 

Thanks for any help.

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With the ReplayGain issue, could you upload a couple of files which work and a couple that don't for checking? I'm assuming you've checked the RG options screen already, otherwise everything would be failing rather than just some files. Are they all the same file type (MP3)?

Shuffle: If you want to shuffle the contents of one folder (and no subfolders) then you should be using "Shuffle Just Songs" rather than Shuffle All. Start playback by tapping on a song within the Folder you want to listen to, as if you use the Play or Shuffle icons at the top of the list then they can adjust the Shuffle and Repeat modes accordingly, which you probably don't want happening.

Resume on connection may only happen after you have run the app once (a more recent Android requirement I gather, but Max would need to comment to let us known why).

Are your headphones wired or bluetooth? Have you checked the control settings?


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Can't upload more than a little file. 

I checked the tags on a few songs and I realized some of them are missing the RG tag. I do sometimes get new songs but very few of them actually and I do remember to get them tags since many of them come with very loud volume at the point of saturation but in any case I also set "for songs without tags" to have -8db just in case, again, like 99% of the new songs I bought throughout google music come with loud volume. In any case I will be doing the RP tagging again just in case and will update tomorrow when I finish. 

The shuffle thing is something I have to do every time I change the folder where to locate the songs (my "playlists"). Since I only use it to scan just one folder for the songs I want to listen to always worked either "shuffle all" or "shuffle songs", now it does work any of those, only I have to select it again even tho it's already selected, if you know what I mean; basically I chose another folder, the app does the scan, when I start to play it doesn't matter what's selected it will play in order, I just have to long press and select it again for it to start shuffling. 

The headphones are the ones I noted on my post: wired Sennheiser HD 461, they have mic so I can get calls using them and again, the keys work just fine as volume -/+ and play/pause. I have set "Respond to buttons", tried "single press (fast", "double/triple press for prev/next track" "Long press for next track (when Poweramp is playing)" however none of them works, just work as volume +/- buttons. 


Since I can't attach more than 1 file here are the link for a couple more songs, one of them not having the RP tag even I know it was tagged before but that's something I will try to re-do again. 



2019-01-09 11.32.11.jpg

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You'd need to put sample files on an external site, Dropbox or similar.

1 hour ago, justsyr said:

basically I chose another folder, the app does the scan

I don't quite understand what you mean. All of your music folders and their contents will be scanned initially by PA, and then all you need to do is look in the Library Folders View for the folder you currently want to listen to and tap on a song to start it playing. That should not change any existing Shuffle  or Repeat settings.


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