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Problem with albumart.pamp

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Tengo un problema con los archivos albumart.pamp. He incluido una imagen de 75x75 pixeles en TODAS las carpetas. En algunas carpetas SI se ha creado el archivo albumart.pamp. En otras carpetas NO se ha creado el archivo albumart.pamp. ¿Porqué? ¿Qué tengo que hacer para que se creen los archivos albumart.pamp?

Gracias y saludos.



I have a problem with the files albumart.pamp. I've included an image of 75x75 pixels in all folders. Some folders are created the file albumart.pamp. In other folders are not created the file albumart.pamp. Why? What do I have to do to the files are created albumart.pamp?

Thanks and regards.

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what is exactly the problem with these files? These are cached album art thumbs used by PowerAMP for faster folders display. This way it works much faster than, for example, if they are placed into some separate folder, and they are basically similar to cached album art created by wpm and some other players.


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