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I've noticed that some albums would have many different album arts within the album. Is it possible to have 1 standard art for the entire album? Also some albums are split, even though the tags have the same album name. 

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For an album to be regarded as one entity, both the Album Title and Artist tags for each song must be identical (otherwise how could you separate an album called "Greatest Hits" by the Spice Girls from a song with the same album title but by Bruce Springsteen?).

If you are dealing with a compilation album, soundtrack, etc then you can use the Album Artist tag instead, which covers cases where the Artist names might vary by track. To be honest, it makes sense to fill in the Album Artist tag anyway, even if it's the same as the track artist, just for completeness.

Downloaded artwork happens per track, as they are played, although it's now possible to override that by going into the album's list, then long-press on any song and tap Album Art. Any artwork you select at that point should be applied to the whole album rather than just one track. But far better to have the right artwork embedded inside each audio file anyway, then it's always going to be correct.


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