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EQ presets hierarchy


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I gave this issue some time to see if I could ignore it, but I can't, so as @maxmp suggested here I started this request.
I have flat EQ with 0% Bass and 0% Tone for speaker, another for bluetooth, and also have a preset for Wired Headset.
There are some songs, and entire albums that I saved custom presets for, but the problem is, they override per-device ones (like maxmp said), but I think it should be:

This (should be not permitted, always select the context, either speaker, wired, bluetooth or combination of 2 or more):


Should NOT override this:

wired.thumb.png.e01edf21d158376e28840aa4e2a82cbc.pngor this:speaker.thumb.png.e8111b507e7ce78c81f57fbd545f1ea5.png

But this SHOULD override the previous 2 screenshoots (respectively):


basically, currently it's not possible to save in that way (both apply to folder (or song) AND speaker or wired headset), doing so will unassign the preset that was saved with only speakers or wired headset option selected. and I find that a problem. So it should be mandatory that when you want to save a preset for a song or entire album, select if you want that to be done when wired, speaker, bluetooth or combination of 2 or more.

I hope the situation I tried to explain was clear enough

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