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Resume after track changes

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Hi ,

Just like YouTube which provides video resume functionality is it so difficult for Poweramp to provide resume functionality when tracks are changed ?

Let's say am playing track A at 15 seconds and fiddling with tone settings, I change track to another track B by mistake and come back to Track A. It starts all over again!!!

This progress bar UI in V3 is so confusing and it doesn't display seconds position as in traditional progress bar. Even to navigate manually it's so frustrating as screen size is small in Cell Phones.

Proposed solution:

Save progess  information just like YouTube. If they can do you can do irrespective whether user presses pause or not.

Come on Poweramp you can do it. Probably the best sounding player around for low cost bass lovers. I have been using for years. 

Dont even say this is a feature it should be part of Poweramp long back.


Vikram Srinivasan

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Found solution. The trick here is to reduce the time limit to Zero 0 to record progress of all tracks not just long running tracks of more than upto 45 mins by default.

Settings -> Library-> Advanced -> Store/Restore per track changes -> Track Duration of per track Progress 

At least: Zero "0" minutes

Resumes all your songs from where you left 👍

Note: Max MP you should have made this a bit more easier.



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