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Why you NEED an exit button

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First, let me say that I've been loving this app since the day I downloaded it.

It may not be the prettiest, but the ability to customize it is simply unrivaled.

I also love how it can pause/resume based on the headphone jacks state.

...This is also it's undoing without an exit button. You know, one to completely kill the app.

You see, I also use internet radio, specifically grooveshark and spotify, and I also love their android apps.

Now, if I was using PoweAMP at any point since boot and had simply paused my music, when I go to plugin

the headphones to listen to Grooveshark/Spotify, Poweramp...resumes playback.

I don't always want to stop the track, and sometimes I pause it, and by the time I come back forget I had

a track playing before. This makes it really, really hard to use Poweramp without an exit button.

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You can essentially minimize Poweramp with the back button, but the background services that power it, including the monitoring of the headphone jack, are still active. Other (streaming) music services offer this same convenience, but if I haven't completely *stopped* the song in Poweramp, Poweramp will obviously resume playback...and so will the other application. Hmm...I see your point now, but I hope you also see my dilemma with the fact that sometimes, a user might not always press stop (like me, indenting to come back and listen more later) but then they go to, say, Slacker Radio for a while, and when they plug in the headphones, the programs compete for the headphones...then I go stop Poweramp and restart my song on Slacker. Minor inconvenience, but still frustrating.

I have no idea how hard this would be (I'm C++ & Java, with no Android experience), but if you get enough people who ask about this, maybe writing in something where the resume on headphone jack feature will stop monitoring the jack after a set time, or stop itself if it senses another audio programs launch?

Anyway, I still love your app. Just trying to think of ways to make it better =)

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