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Request for a simple explanation

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I just have bought Poweramp and concerning the sound I'm really satisfied with it! :)

Even though I was hoping that it would have the function "recently added songs", but that isn't really a disappointing.

Although it seems to me that the problem 'the playlist is deleted' is generally known as I have noticed the results with google before I have registered on this forum.

Perhaps I just don't look good enough, but I can't find or see any clearly and concrete solution for it, but only a very complicated answer.

My apologies for my misunderstanding and hopefully does someone have the patient to help me with this....Basically I can figure out many technical cases but with this amazing but nevertheless intricate application I'm just completely lost and confused with all it’s possibilities! :?

I couldn’t find a manual in my language (Dutch) either, what might be helpful.

However, to synchronize music to my Samsung Galaxy S, I’m using Windows Media Player.

What I’ve already tried is to move all the music to my SD card, but still the playlist was after a while suddenly deleted without any changes or a rescanning beforehand.

1. Does that have anything to do with the “Folder” and the Library” in Poweramp?

2. Can someone please explain me in simply words the difference between the ‘Folder’ and the ‘Library’ and their relation with the SD card?

3. Would it be helpful if I create the playlist already in the windows system folders like ‘musicfolders’ in my phone, instead to create the list in Poweramp itself?

4. How can I reset or default all the settings of Poweramp?

Again I’m sorry for being a layman! But many thanks for helping me out with this! :)

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Disappeaing playlists is a ROM issue and PowerAMP can't do anything (almost) with it. You can workaround it partially with Folder Playlists - these won't disappear unless PowerAMP settings/database is cleared (with Applications => PowerAMP => Clear data).

PowerAMP 2.0 won't use system library and won't be affected by any bugs in the library, this is why it's "almost".


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