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"Playlist" Feature Done Gone Haywire!


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I've been a Poweramp Pro user for years and have been 100% satisfied with it...until just recently.  

Like many (or most) other users, I have created numerous Playlists out of the nearly 2,000 mp3's I have on my phone.  Each Playlist contains between 150 and 200 songs.  When I'm listening to a Playlist in my car and reach my destination, I shut Poweramp down until I get back in my car and am ready to resume my Playlist.  I hit PLAY, it resumes the cut that was playing when I shut it down, but at the end of that song, instead of continuing with the next song on that particular Playlist, Poweramp goes back to my full 2,000 song  library and begins there.  In order to get it back on track,  I have to go into the settings on that particular Playlist, do a manual reshuffle and start all over again.  It works flawlessly until I shut it down and try to resume that Playlist at a later time.  But...that means there are some tunes that I hear every time I play the Playlist, and some that never get heard at all.  And again, when I stop playing Poweramp, then resume playing, it does the same thing; finishes the song that was playing, then jumps to the main list of every song on my phone and starts there.  I've checked every setting over and over, I have "shuffle" turned OFF, and I manually do a Playlist reshuffle whenever I want to rearrange the songs on that particular (or any) Playlist. Any suggestions? Ideas?  Recommendation?  Bueller?  Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

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