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DVC with no headroom gain


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On some devices and/or ROM versions, you need to turn the DVC feature off. This may reduce the maximum available volume slightly. I would keep headroom gain turned on (i.e. the "No Headroom Gain" control should not be activated) for better quality, but again the volume will be lower (remember quality and volume are very different things).


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If you don't use any EQ boosting, you can leave it at zero. If you heavily boost any frequencies, lower the pre-amp to allow some headroom (or just keep the headroom gain option switched on, which does broadly the same thing). This only becomes a problem if your music is encoded at close to digital maximum levels anyway.


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Hello, First post and brand new customer.
Enjoying the app, thanks for making it.
Im loving the fact I can stream my Foobar2000 stream in 96/24 over the internet to this app! even on mobile data! (unlimited plan)

I have a few questions about DVC.

I do not use EQ or boost the level in any way. All my tracks are below 0dBFS (-2 to -0.5dBFS for most tracks)
Do I need/Should i still use DVC?

What is DVC doing in lamens terms?
I dont really notice any difference in 'volume' or percieved quality with DVC on or off.

What should I set for the most un-modified 'source-to-ears' situation?
I have already disabled all EQs for outputs and almost everything off.

Any tips and tricks or things i definitly should have on etc.

Thanks again.

EDIT: Is it ok to RES old posts or prefered to create new topics?

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4 hours ago, UK_SPAWN said:

What should I set for the most un-modified 'source-to-ears' situation?

DVC should help with that, as it bypasses a lot of the Android and manufacturer-added processes and gives more direct access to the hardware. It does't work on all devices though, hence the option to disable it. Extra headroom is mostly used when you have DVC disabled, to prevent any boosted EQ levels from causing clipping. It is usually not needed with DVC and/or high-res output, and you can also reduce the pre-amp gain a little instead if you prefer. Some options can be quieter than others, but of course volume does not equal quality (unless you are in the "it goes up to 11" camp anyway :) ).


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Thanks for the info. It does seem to go louder with DVC off but i guess i can use the Pre-Amp in EQ to boost that without distortion?

Hmm, this is one for you.

I have 3 volume levels depending on how its configured. does DVC "stack" if its enabled globally + per-output?


DVC OFF in Global setting + OFF in Output setting = LOUDEST (ear bleeding) volume.
DVC ON in Global settings + OFF in Output settings = Medium/Loud "good" volume level. (i prefer this)
DVC ON in Global settings + ON in Output settings = LOW volume - (not really loud enough for my taste)

Is this Known/Intended behaviour?
Is DVC really on if its enabled globally but NOT in the output?
Im confused.

Possibly related but if i enable the option "No EQ"  (turn off EQ) in the output settings i can still use the EQ and it modifies the sound. So maybe the per-device output settings are a bit messed up for me?

Huawei P20 Pro EMUI

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Hmm, strange. Ill stick with what i like.

Maybe its just me being confused with the options/wording. some of them are like "dont not do this except when this is not doing that" and im like .. "wha?!" - but thats on me, im sure its perfectly understandable :)

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