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Miniplayer issue continues?

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I'm still having the issue of the miniplayer not accurately displaying what's playing. Clearing art cache sometimes helps but not always. As previously noted, the miniplayer gravitates to the beginning of my song list but not always the first.

Also a suggestion: When I look at my album list under genres, I'd like to be able to long-press an album and see a Play option in the shortcuts. Would save some steps and screen changing.



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I'm unable to reproduce this issue no matter what I do, so I need more details - what list you're playing when that happens, how long it in the desync state, what is the playing/shuffle mode, etc.

The play is available in header (1 simple click vs long click).


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Thanks for the reply! Most of the time I start from Genres. Under each genre are a list of albums. It doesn't seem to matter what album is playing. I haven't paid attention to the length of the desync. It occurs when I play one album or if I shuffle the genre.

I think I have a clue. The songs at the beginning of my list do not start with letters. One # and a bunch of apostrophes. Comes from liking Hawaiian music. 😊 These are the songs that show up in some random order. I recognize having seen a bunch of them on the miniplayer. Hope this all displays - I'm 72.

And since I have you on the phone: why does the shuffle mode stick? Whenever I shuffle and then later go back to playing an album (list) I always have to remember to turn off the shuffle first. Shouldn't the default mode for playing a list always be Shuffle Off?

And thanks again for your terrific work.




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oh, I also have this issue.

only played in All Songs section on shuffle. The miniplayer shows a different song title & artist than what's actually playing, even when I change songs, the miniplayer also change but it's not the song that's playing... it kinda fix itself after a while though, when I go to different apps and go back, it already fixed. Have no idea what I did to fix it.

I'm using Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite running Android 9.0 if that matters


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#maxmp - I removed the '#' and the apostrophes from about 10-15 songs and I'm now going on two days w/o a problem. It seems that if you have songs with those items at the start of the title you might trigger this bug. At any rate, this seems my workaround but it would be nice to fix it. Feels sort of disrespectful to the Hawaiian culture to have screw around with their language. 😐

#monkeybutt - see above. Do you have songs like this? Worth a check.

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#maxmp - woke up this morning to find that the mystery has returned. It seems having a ( at the beginning of a title causes the same bug. I have about 15 songs that start that way and I will delete and see what happens. Right now I would say the following at the start of a title sets things off: '  #   (



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@maxmp Just wanted to follow up on this bug - it seems like it gets caused by there being punctuation (or non-alpha character) at the front of a song title. I had a song called "#SELFIE" (please don't judge me) that appeared at the top of the Songs list and was always the song that the MiniPlayer displayed, even if I changed the track.

After I changed the track name to "SELFIE" the bug seemed to fix itself, and the MiniPlayer actually displayed the correct song. After not too long though, the bug started happening again, though with a different song - "10/6 (That Should Do It)", which is now the first track that appears in the All Songs list due to alphabetical sorting. 

If it would help I can send you logs or can send you the song files that are causing the bug. Since it seems like it's related to non-alpha characters being the first character of a song title, that should help you reproduce it.

Thank you as always for your hard work!!

All Songs List - 10-6 (That Should Do It) listed first.jpg

Main Player Screen - Change a Thang.jpg

Mini Player - Shows 10-6 (That Should Do It).jpg

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I don't think this has something to do with characters. Isn't the song being displayed on the mini player when that bug occurs always the very first song of your library? Because this is the case for me. Special character or not, when that occurs, it's always the very first song. 

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