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Finding internal DAC

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The ZTE Prestige 2 is an affordable entry-level smartphone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. It has a 5-inch (854×480) display, . Even in the specs they dont say what audio processing is in use. Likely inside a multi pin processor?

As you see its a ENTRY level phone with a very cheap price.  Likely there is no information on the hardware, as like lollies they are so cheap and easily replaced so why spend expensive peoples time and equipment to locate what really doesn't matter. It has a sound chip that for the price performs probably very well. 

As a suggestion load the trial version of Poweramp as it has 15 days trial with out money. then look in the settings, audio, output, and see what is active depends on the hardware available and software drivers. I would be surprised if anything above Java level playback in android was available but who knows.


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