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Hiding unknown artist

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I have an LG-G710PM running Android version 8.0.0

Poweramp v3-build-814-play (Full Version)

I would like to be able to hide unknown artist as well as unknown album and not just in track labels but everywhere. If the artist field is not filled in it's because I either don't know or care what it is. I listen to nothing but classical music and don’t like seeing everything labeled 'Song'. It would be nice if we could select the label. For instance when I select the genre Ballet the selection All Genre Songs is displayed at the top of the list. I would like to be able to choose a different label like All Genre Music or All Genre Pieces. The list contains several different composers but to the left of All Genre Songs is a small image and above the list is a large image of one of those composers. I would like the option of not having that image displayed. The same goes for the composers list when selecting a specific composer. I want to see All Composer Music, etc. In the Library list I would like to see, instead All Songs, All Music or All Pieces. I guess what I’m saying is it would be nice if we had more control over how and when things are displayed and labeled.

In v2 entries in the genre field separated by ‘/’ became two separate genres. For example the entry ‘Concerto/Romantic’ became the separate genres of ‘Concerto’ and ‘Romantic’. I actually discovered this accidentally and never saw any reference to it in the settings. Now in v3 that becomes just one genre of ‘Concerto/Romantic’. I loved that feature and dearly wish to see it in v3.

So, having said all of that, Poweramp is stil the very best music player out there and am mostly very happy with it.

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Multiple Genres are still supported in v3. I use a semi-colon ";" for this. I have single Genres like "Folk/Rock", "Pop/Rock" that were being split like you say in v2. I believe that it's pretty standard to use a semi-colon to split multiple Genres in ID3v2.3 tags. I've also seen a double back slash "\\" used in APE tags as a separator for multiple Genres.

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