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State of the following feature requests?

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The two following feature requests have been on the board for quite some time now; if I can remember correctly, probably since beta. Whats their current state and when can we expect them to be incorporated?

"Listen To" support using Google Voice Search.

I talked to Google directly on this one and they say it needs to be implemented by you, not them. There is a small line of code that needs to be added to each app that wants "Listen to" support. Apparently, its not that difficult to add according to Google.

If added, users can hit the voice search button on their device and say "Listen to... [Artist, Song, Playlist, etc]" and it will launch a window with suggestions, then open up in Poweramp. Again, a small bit of code written by Google is required to be added to whatever app [in this case Poweramp] before it can take advantage of this feature.


This one is going to be more then a line or two of code, bug again, its been on the list for a long time. I really don't want to see it half-a$$ed which is why I have not follow up on it when I asked months ago. It would be really nice to see this added, especially since a lot of phones can output to HDMI. At this point, I am kind of worried this feature request will turn out like the visualizations in iTunes, which are total crap. I remember using winamp 12 years ago in college and seeing some amazing visualizations plugins, that kind of quality would be nice. Hell, if you don't have the time to designed visualizations, can you make them plugin based and allow 3rd party people to make them?

Thanks for the info.

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