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23 hours ago, andrewilley said:

I actually agree, I much prefer realistic 3D-effect renderings of control icons, and clearer delineation of buttons and shadowed panel areas, etc. I also far prefer the look of the desktop in Windows 7 to Windows 10 (I skipped 8, which was an even worse dog' s dinner). Unfortunately, every company seems to have acted like sheep and gone the same way with this flat and uninspiring design choice, and the PA userbase voted to follow the design trend to keep up and make the app "look modern". Oh well, I'm sure Google will go full circle again at some point and change everything again, but for now we're stuck with Material Design being the default for app design.


I may be more vehement than most, but I know there are more that share my opinion on this subject, though a minority, and I'm always a little relieved when I discover them.  Thank you, Andre, for sharing your opinion, no one likes being the lone voice against fads or trends.  In my experience, just because the majority wants or likes something, doesn't mean it's good or right.

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