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Interaction with GMC Intellink


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I'm on the latest updated version of powermp for beta V3 815. I had had problems in the past with interaction with my truck. Using Google voice, voice text reading but the truck, or phone calls when hung up would always advance to the next song once done. That is still happening with the latest version. But now there's a new issue just introduced. As of this update when I make or receive a phone call the music plays in the phone call. The other person is not hearing it. it's not like it's playing into the phone call. It's just playing over my speakers in my truck during outgoing and incoming phone calls. It pretty much makes it unusable for me if I'm wanting to make a receive a call. Even if you pause the music before making the call the action of making the call starts the music playing through the speakers. It will first play through the phone speaker and then kick over to the truck speakers. My phone is a pixel 3 XL.

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