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Volume control delay / lag - Android 5.1.1 car stereo

Adrian Collins

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I've used Poweramp version 2 successfully for ages now on my Chinese Android 4.x car stereo.
I wanted to try out the latest Ver 3 but had to update Android which I have now done using a custom ROM. (It now runs Android 5.1.1)

The problem I have is that when Poweramp is loaded there is a big delay if I alter the volume up or down. The delay means that when I turn the control nothing at all happens maybe even for a number of seconds. I'm not sure if this is down to Poweramp or the 5.1.1 Rom somehow. It is very hard to control at all sometimes. Especially within the first few minutes of using the App.

Sometimes, after a while  it the volume responds normally again, and it all works fine otherwise.
Any ideas how I can start to isolate this issue please? Many thanks

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