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Scroll song & artist/album names when too long


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Hello Poweramp team,

The new UI for V3 is really nice, but it is missing a feature from V2.

When the song or artist/album names are too long, the V3 interface cuts them off instead of scrolling the name (as in V2).

Please consider adding name scrolling as an option for the library and main ui interfaces.


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+1. It would be great if album titles would scroll or on 2 lines. Particularly difficult when trying to play a single cd of a double cd set for instance. Even going into the album doesn't show you the whole album title. The only way it seems to work out which album is cd1 is to go into the album and check the ID tag. Example in attached screenshots.




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i agree with this. in fact it would be nice if the song name was listed somewhere by the album.  also options to make the black boxes clear or different transparency. right now i cant even tell which song/filename i am on.  i miss how the player use to have it somewhere by or below the play buttons and it would scroll so i knew what the title of the track was.  now i have to look in the tag.  depending on the meta the folder option could be named too long etc...so now i have to go back and edit this album.  mainly audiobooks do this because its just name of the book + track 1, 2,3, etc...hopefully they bring back the track/filename title to scroll on the main players somewhere.

in fact it would be better if you could choose up by the album art what to display.  for example the album art i know who the artist is, so maybe i can take that off and add the track name there to scroll instead w/ the album name above it.

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My own feeling on this is that the currently playing track title/artist/etc should auto-scroll if it's too long for the currently allocated space, in both the Player screen and the library view.

However having a whole screenful of titles all scrolling back and forth would look somewhat disconcerting (although it might be nice to present that as a user-selectable option) so in Library lists I think longer lines should overflow onto a second line; there is no view type where the large empty spaces between songs are not big enough to accommodate an extra line of text if needed.

Grid View is more of a moot point though, as you are intending to see the artwork rather than words. Whatever you do, for any even vaguely readable size of text you are not going to fit very much onto the display.


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