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Bluetooth playback problem. Sound ragged

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Got an update with v3. 

Now, while I turn on my Bluetooth audio device, Poweramp starts playback (as expected), but sound are rugged!  Sometimes it has frequent breaks, sometimes rare. For a couple of milliseconds but I hear that and can't stand it!

I experimented with different outputs, buffers, no luck. The only solution is to kill the application and run it again, it solves the problem 100%. But I can't always kill/run it while I turn on headphones or car audio, it infuriates me!

V2 worked well 

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yea this happened to mine as well, i use a bluetooth headset  and sounds constantly interrupting during play. but it plays well on other music app

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I've had the same issue both on the beta/alpha and the most recent version.

Tried everything including configuring buffer size in output plugins and re-pairing phone with car audio unit.

Still getting micro-skips in music.

Reverted back to V2 all good again.

(I'm on LineageOS 7.1.2)

Does anybody have any other solutions?

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