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Move options off album art

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Hi guys, I'm using v3 and quite like it. 

One question though, how do I move the options button off the album art and show it below with the song name and artist? I've noticed some screenshots on here of people having it below the album art. Where is this option? I just want to move it down and off the album art (See attached picture)

Thank you


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It's done with a third party skin, here I have (1) options button below with song and Artist, (2) is the skin I am using called Rainbowfinal.jpg.a71b64a11e5d5f207d162cd6339e953d.jpg and (3) are the settings (Alternative Layout) I use to have the layout I want in (1)

Other skins probably do similar, I like this layout so I use Rainbow mostly, It's on the Play Store btw: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.folgore95.pa

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