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New skin request

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In v2, I used a retro skin which made the player look like a cassette player. The buttons were square and looked like a cassette tape player. The Google play store stills has 2 different ones but they haven't been updated in years. 

It would be great if someone could make this for us old timers.


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There is another one that seriously needs revision for V3:


I've already contacted the author of this skin and awaiting response.

Please Andrew, keep in mind that this Poweramp V3 lacks retro-looking skins such as this one. I'm willing to pay for a nice look for this amazing player.

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On 12/28/2018 at 5:21 AM, Andrew0 said:

Nice skin.. I will first wait to see if the skin author updates it.. 

It's a nice gesture. But if you read about the skin, the author hasn't done anything with it since it was first available in 2015. I looked at the author's other skins and they're all the same. No updates.

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