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ReplayGain Problem with Wavpack Files

Abolfazl Ghorbani

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Looks like this has been reported before, but still isn't fixed: 

I'm using build 814 and the app ignores ReplayGain tags while playing Wavpack and Hybrid Wavepack files...

I don't have this problem when playing APE files, which use the same tag type (APEv2).

Another issue is that Album Artist tag gets ignored too, in both APE and Wavpack files...

Hope this will be fixed at future builds.


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OK I've tested some APE and WV files, ReplayGain problem is still there, but looks like foobar and mp3tag has some different tagging methods for APEv2, adding disk number in foobar results in DISC tag and doing so in mp3tag adds DISCNUMBER, and looks like Poweramp only reads DISCNUMBER tags.

It's the opposite for the album artist tag, mp3tag adds ALBUMARTIST tag while foobar adds ALBUM ARTIST which looks like Poweramp uses ALBUM ARTIST for APEv2, this can be a little annoying while tagging files, if the app look for both fields it would solve the problem... I don't know what causes the ReplayGain problem thou.

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I'm using Build 838 and it still hasn't fixed this issue, which is quite annoying for me, while foobar does read Replaygain tags correctly in WavPack files. I even tried to make Poweramp read the files with ID3v1+APEv2 tags but it didn't work either.

It seems that for the developers the Replaygain issues are low priority, which shouldn't be so because I'm sure for those of us who use it is a decicive feature for a music player.

I hope this old problem will be solved in the next versions. In the meantime, I will continue to use foobar.

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