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Popping & clicking V3


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Since v3 upgrade, I'm getting a lot of random popping and clicking during playback. I've tried adjusting my eq settings and still can't resolve. I had no issue what so ever before upgrade. It's very random, I can play the same song back to back and it won't pop in the same areas. 

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On 1/2/2019 at 12:02 PM, Michaelk026 said:

Same problem here.
BT in my car and same problem on BT speaker box.
Very very annoying sound every few seconds!!! 

Poweramp Build 816
Samsung  TAB S3 (SM-T825)  Android 8.0.0

Other apps plays fine without popping noice.

Did you try to change the output plugin ? And its parameters, especially the buffer size ?



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For now the Popping is gone, but i have to put my radio harder.

Normal BT
Buffer size set from 50ms x 3 to 70ms x 3

Same for ES Hi-Res output and turn this on.


Ill try tomorrowl Hi-Res off maybe this is lowering the volume down a little bit...


Regards Michael

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