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Using the Android Emulator and Poweramp

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I realise there is probably a tiny audience that can perhaps help here. I have so far not been able to create a working AVD (android Virtual Device) onto which I can install Poweramp. I can no longer user Intel-x86 based images so have to rely on amd images but these run so slow that they are not really an option. Even when I have an amd avd running, installing Poweramp fails.

I have tried Virtualbox, Windows Hyper V etc but to no avail. 

I have also posted on stackoverflow


Anyone able to help?

In other words.. anyone out there testing their coding/skins on a virtual device, against the latest Poweramp release 

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Old AVD included support form ARM emulation, but later Google removed it - which is a strange move as all actual Android phones are ARM based and only ChromeOS devices are Intel based.

Btw, this applies for Android 8+, you can still have Android 7- + ARM emulation (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30405740/android-studio-how-can-i-make-an-avd-with-arm-instead-of-haxm)

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Is that question actual?

On 5.1 Android I did used Houdini libs from Intel.

Did you tried this?

Runs from terminal, with root of course.

704 Poweramp working, don't know about how did that works on Android 7+ and build 704+.

P.S. sry for my terrible English.

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