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Way to use category without adding it to library view


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There is currently no way to easily get into a rarely used category, the only way I have found is to first add it to the library view and afterwards remove it. How about adding something like "All categories" under the ... in the upper hand corner. This would pop up a list of all categories and give access to the category?


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A small push for this small "feature" request. I found it quite annoying to have to toggle on/off categories that I only use occasionally. Wouldn't it be quite easy to add a "show all categories" button to the GUI? Some ideas:

  • Link it to the "Library" text up on the left, tapping the text would pull up the list of all categories.
  • Add it as an entry under the "3 dots" menu on the right.
  • Add it as a "show more" entry at the end of the category list.


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