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The first thing is the new shuffle function, if entered from one of the folders which I would usually do it's entering a random folder, so for example if there are several subfolders within the main selected folder it would jump into one random subfolder and stay there till every song of this one folder is played before jumping into the next randomly selected subfolder. In the previous version Poweramp collected all the song informations of all subfolders together within the selected folder and played all songs that are in there randomly instead of just playing from one folder.
Another thing about the shuffle function is that it enters the last shuffle option in the shuffle menu which plays songs and categories randomly instead of just songs. This isn't such a huge deal but it would be nice if it was able to change this somewhere or to change the default back to  shuffle only songs so that again only songs from the selected list (or folder) are shuffling instead of both songs and categories.
Would be great if you could include or change this in one of the future updates.
The second thing is the search function. There is one thing I am missing a lot. It's not showing the rating anymore. So if I'm looking for a specific song but am not quite sure which one it was, seeing the rating of the song always helped me finding the right one. If you could include this detail again I would be really thankful.
The third one is kind of a design issue I ran into.
If I'm in a list or a folder and scroll down, the top part vanishes which shows folder and list informations and I'm not longer able to see in which folder or list I am unless I go all the way to the top again, this makes navigating unnecessarily confusing at times. Also the controle bar which holds the function to go back and to select the shuffling of the list or folder vanishes.
An option to minimize the top portion so that it's not using too much sceenspace and preventing it from fully vanishing would be highly appreciated since it would enhance navigating a lot in my eyes.
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