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Using of the same rating in MusicBee & Poweramp


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I am using MusicBee at home and copy a bunch of tracks to my mobile (Samsung S7) to listen to it using Poweramp.

My problem ist that I can not

- either see the ratings (set in MusicBee before) in Poweramp

- nor seeing the star ratings (made in Poweramp) after transferring the mp3-files back to my MusicBee PC.

MusicBee stores the ratings within the mp3-file. Which is great - since this makes the ratings displayable for other players as well (e.g. PlayerPro) , which supporting the read-out of this embedded rating information.

So my first question would be: Can Poweramp show such embedded ratings as well? I tried, but with no success. Poweramp show the tracks in unratet condition to me.

Second question is: After rating a track in Poweramp, can Poweramp store the star ratings within the mp3-files (instead of saving the ratings only locally within the Poweramp app)? Having the ratings only saved in a Poweramp data(base) file, wouldn't help me, since I would like to use the ratings also outside of Pwoeramp. (e.g after copying that tracks back to my PC).

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First of all you want to ensure musicbee writes id3v2 tags for mp3 tracks and not any other format such as id3v1. Secondly, check if musicbeee updates the popm tag rather than the ratings tag. (Not sure if Poweramp reads both) .i know Poweramp recognises the popm tag which holds both ratings and time played.

To answer your second question, Poweramp does not update the mp3 ratings tag ( popm) but my app New Playlist Manager does. You can either backup or restore your Poweramp ratings, or write the ratings to the popm tag or update your powsramp ratings from the popm tag. In addition you can view, create, edit, delete Poweramp  playlists as well  as adding to queue and instant play

Everything you are looking for

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1 hour ago, flyingdutchman said:

i know Poweramp recognises the popm tag which holds both ratings and time played. 

Thank you for the quick reply and your hints given.

I've checked Musicbee. It uses the POPM (Popularimeter) tag to store the ratings:


On my moblie the POPM tags is read by other apps (e.g. PlayerPro shows 3 stars, based on the value of 128 shown in the screenshot).

Unfortunately Powermap does not. 😞 . The track is shown as unrated. Maybe there is a trigger in the hamburger menü I didn't noticed, to enable this....?

Thank you for recommending your app New Playlist Manager. I haven't installed/bought it yet, but if I understand it correctly I have to run your apps twice

- ones after copying mp3s to my mobile (to transfer the POPM-data into the Poweramp-database) and

- ones before I copy the files back to my PC (to write POPM-data from the Poweramp-database into the mp3s)?

When your app updates the mp3s, does it update the timestamp of the mp3-file as well? This would be important to me, since I copy only these mp3-files back tp my PC, which are newer (based on  files timestamp).


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I don't think POPM tags are used at all by Poweramp. While I know the standard is rather loosely implemented across different apps and file types, if the tag is present then I think it'd be nice if PA could both read and re-write it.

I do know that Max is very averse to writing any tag data back to files 'on the fly' though - such as if you adjust the star rating while playing a track, that could cause playback to glitch or even pause while the file is updated. I would suggest an interactive prompt could resolve that, with a Settings option to control permissions for writing POPM tags (and cover artwork) back to compatible physical files of "Never", "Prompt" or "Always" (with the Always option showing a disclaimer that playback may be adversely affecting during the re-writing process). If a file format does not support it properly, a popup should let users know that saving to this file type is not available.


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Actually something I'm waiting fo for a long time. Would be nice to sync ratings with other sources, especially when there is already a field in the tags for a rating. I think I saw an older thread about the topic which resulted in a "maybe later"

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I am really surprised that Poweramp does not read the popm tag on first scan. Given it reads lots of tags, it should be easy to add, even for different formats. A libray such as jaudiotagger   


Does the work for you. This surely must be easy to implement for maxmpz. In my own app implement this library and  read the popm tags for id3v2 and for flac files.



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I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering about something that andrewilley mentioned...

Why not allow Poweramp to use the id3v2 tags as the initial rating, even if it does not update that tag from then on.  So for instance, if the rating of a particular track is null, then the rating is imported from the tag.  Additionally, I would add the option to clear the ratings from Poweramp (for the entire library and individual folders/albums) and re-sync them with the id3v2 tags.


Presumably, this will preserve all the functionality for all current users.  Those who use the Poweramp ratings currently would not be effected by the change, since only tracks without ratings would be adjusted.  Users who already have a library with ratings stored in their POPM tag and are dumping their files into their devices would then have their Poweramp ratings sync'd.


The only other solution would be to store the rating change and apply it after the track ends.  This is similar to how MusicBee handles this on Windows, except you do run into read/write permission issues in some cases (pressing Previous while you have a change pending causes an error because it restarts the same track, which MusicBee then also tries to write the tag to, but that's an issue with MusicBee).

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