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Multiple artist albums shown separately

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I have just got trial version, and i'm liking the app. would like to get full version, but have an issue with the library view (which is a dealbreaker if not remediable).

I have lots of albums that are compilation or mix albums, with various artists. These show up as separate albums in the album tab in the library. The files themselves must be tagged ok, because MediaMonkey (on my PC) and Doubletwist (on the same android phone) can handle these albums and show them as a single album, as they should be.

Can Poweramp display these albums properly in library view? I see this question has been asked before, but I have not come across a proper answer. Would really like to get the full version, but will have to stick with Doubletwist if this functionality is not available in Power AMP.


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PowerAMP uses system library currently. On some phones/android versions/ROMs it combines albums, on some - groups per artist (i.e. it's not even the same across various phones).

PowerAMP v2.0 now has user switchable option to group albums either by just Album tag (one album visible with multiple artists) or by Artists Albums (many album+artist entries per compilation album).


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