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The limiter is not working good on samsung S9+


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My last phone was the LG G5.

The sound processor combine with the app was absolutly perfect with clear sound and deep warm bass.

I change for the samsung S9+ and i dont know what's wrong with the sound processor but the bass is realy too clear ... no deep at all and the bass is to much punchy ... poping too much and no deep bass. I try all the possibility. I cannot use at all the tone bass button. It's too much distortion. 

Before on my lg g5 i was able tu put my bass tone to 50% with the limiter on and i had deep warm soft bass but not with my s9+. It's poping too much even with the limiter on... it's do not soft the poping of the bass. 

Dide you change something on the limiter settng ?

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@Gwooody Do you use Bluetooth? 

If yes - then you will get much better basses by disabling Absolute Bluetooth volume (https://www.google.com/search?q=android+disable+absolute+volume).

- for LDAC you'll get better results by using OpenSL Hi-Res output (enable for bluetooth)
- ensure you don't have Float32 Sample Format enabled (in OpenSL Hi-Res output or Audiotrack output, for Bluetooth device), it doesn't work well with Samsungs.

Overall, S9+ @ 8.0 has full Poweramp hi-res, DVC support, but may require some adjustments. You should be able to set Bass to 100% and all the lower range equalizer bands to 100% without any distortion (on medium volume levels) on this device.

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