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My opinion on V3 + Song naming question

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I've seen a lot of negativity with the new UI (V3). I actually think it's really good - very modern compared to before, with a more visual seekbar which is much easier to find the part of the song you want, and visualisers which bring you back to the 90s of Winamp! I really like it. So thanks to the devs and the community for working on it!

However I do have a slight problem which I really hope can be fixed, not all my songs have ID3 tags (and it would take far too long for me to set them all). In the old UI it would just show the filename, but now it just shows Unknown Title and/or Artist. I looked in the settings and can't see a way to change this, so it would be great if I could get help on this or if this can become a setting?

Many thanks!

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6 minutes ago, clever_man said:

@Terrum, Settings -> Look and Feel -> Player UI -> Filename as Title -> check on.

@clever_man Excellent, thanks so much! Would be great for it to just show filenames when the ID3 tags are not available, but this will do for now :) Thanks a lot!

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