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Does OpenSL ES Hi-Res make sense with Bluetooth 16bit 44kHz?

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After upgrading to Poweramp v3 I have tried 3 different Bluetooth reveivers with all 3 audio engines: OpenSL ES, OpenSL ES Hi-Res and AudioTrack. All of the BT receivers report they can only process 16 bit and 44 kHz.

Does it make sense to use OpenSL ES Hi-Res with a higher resolution if the target device can only handle 16 bit 44 kHz? I thought I would hear a slightly improved quality with Hi-Res but this could be a placebo effect. Should I stay with OpenSL ES (without Hi-Res) to ensure a continuous 16 bit 44 kHz signal processing? Or is there any added value if I choose higher resolution signal processing despite the lower resolution of the target device?

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sorry for bumping an old topic, but I was also wondering this. I'm using the new Galaxy Buds+ (with Note 10+) which can only handle 16bit 44khz and I can't decide if OpenSL oder Hi-Res output would be "better" in terms of sound quality. When using hi-res out put I get an Samsung UHQA PCM output of 24bit 48khz. Could someone advise?

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