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Prev/Next track issue with build 814


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If I keep pushing Next song, it could fail to switch to next track: Both the player on the phone and the screen on my car display right track title, but the audio is still the prev song without stop. I can push next again, but only the title on the screen change, the sound does not change with it.

Update 1: Even if I just play the song with 3.5 mm jack output, it will happen, so it is not only with bluetooth.


Update 2: When the issue appear, the main screen of Poweramp displays the title/cover/progress bar/...everything is the track I switch to. The progress bar is still working. Push Next song will display next track and progress bar will jump.

Example: When the issue appear, sound is track A, display is track B. the progress bar displays B but the progress still push forward with A. I can switch to track C when A has been played for 30 sec, and after a second, the progress bar with C will jump to 30 sec.


If I let the song play for minutes, the next time I push Next song may works, usually not.

If I push Pause, then Play, Poweramp will play the sony which is displayed on the screen.

It could continue for song tracks, then the next song will work for one time, it means a song will be played as it shows on the screen. then the issue backs again.


I think build 812 may not have that issue, but 814 has. I do not remember if 813 has that problem

Moto X4, Android 8.1

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