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V3 Functionality Opinions


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Poweramp updated last night for me. 

Here's mine;

  • I don't like the rounded album cover art. Albums cover art regardless of format have almost always universally been square. 
  • When viewing an album, is there a way to not see a thumbnail of the album for every track? It's redundant. I would like to see just a basic track name "list" option. 
  • I was able to move artist album title info below the covert art, thank you. 
  • When playing an album and the last track plays, I use to be able to have it fade out at the end of the song, so the music doesn't just abruptly stop. I have applied the fade, but, it doesn't seem to be working.
  • When creating your own EQ presets and I wanted to change something and apply it to the current preset I made, you could just "overwrite" your own preset. Doesn't seem to work that way now. 
  • Seem to be getting more skipping in tracks than ever before. Could be my own Bluetooth issue however. 

Overall, some cool features, maybe too many for this old guy. Love Poweramp though, using it since 2012. 

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Change happens with all software,  just need to adapt to it and re-find your way around. The main reason I've been a PA users for years and years is that my usage as my auto music source.  Each year, I download the South By Southwest (SXSW) torrent which is 800-1200 songs of every genre you can think of.  I shuffle play them when I drive and delete the ones I dont like.  So I'm happy that delete is a bit easier to find without looking at the screen. If traffic is bad I used ratings to 'save' the ones I'll delete later, and 5 starred the ones I like. 

Aside from that, all the visual effects and album art are wasted on me, I dont look at them. I want to easily find songs, add them to queue. Scrolling for days through lists is dumb, I want fast and efficient, not pretty.  Thats the beauty of a configurable app.  

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