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Add Sort: By folder in Album Artists (Library)


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By the way, I love how neatly organized and consolidated the Albums of each Artists are when playing via Album Artists library (category). 



With the "All Album Artist Songs", being able to play, shuffle from within this category is a great advantage. 



Going back to my request... The above is very much fine for a single Artist but a pain for a Folder with "various artists" (quoted as literally and not as tag), they are scattered. So, having an option to sort By folder, I think this will solve the problem. I'd be happy to test another build. Sadly, the 815 build wasn't the answer. Thanks, Max. 

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Not sure by "Folder" is possible outside of the Folder category as the other categories are dependent on tags to sort and not folder structure. Many people only have 1 or 2 songs per compilation album and probably wouldn't have an entire folder just for that. A lot of people either have a folder for every Artist and sub folders with singles/compilation songs in one or they have a A-z folder or Yearly folders with all those 1's and 2's in them. So sorting by folder might make a mess. I think most sorting problems get fixed in build 815. You can now sort by "Artist" (which prefers Album Artist over Artist tag) in the Artist, Genre and Albums categories.

So what are you referring to the artists being broken apart? If your files are tagged with "Various Artists" in the appropriate "Album Artist" tag field they will be grouped as a full album in Album Artists, Albums and Genre (assuming every song has the same Genre).

In 815 if you go into Artist category and for example went to Eminem. You could choose sort by "Artist" and it would list the albums or songs by album artist tag in alphabetical order. So if you're not fancy with your tagging it would list all Eminem albums first then Various Artists. If you want to get fancy for example it would arrange albums starting with Bad Meets Evil, D12, Eminem, then Various Artists. Assuming you have tagged all of those albums as "Artist: Eminem" and then "Album Artist" tag is the Bad Meets Evil, D12, Eminem, Various, etc. This works for songs as well. Turning on the new option Album Artist Label by Album makes the albums  then show the correct Album Artist tag so you can see what group album that actually is as shown below (This is Artists/Eminem then "Sort by Artist" with "Settings/Library/Lists/Album Artist Label for albums" turned on):


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