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Volume changes when device output changes


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On a Moto Droid Play Z2, with the latest Poweramp V3 updates, switching the device output by unplugging or plugging headphones into the 3.55 mm port will occasionally use the volume level from the wrong device output. For example, if I have the integrated speaker volume set to 0, then plug in headphones I expect the media volume to return the value it was set at when headphones were last plugged in. However, it will start at volume level 0. Lowering or increasing the volume in this state will then return the volume to the expected level on that particular output device. This a common occurrence, as I often keep my phone and media volume off during the day without headphones, then use an auxillary cord to play music in my car.

I have occasionally had the reverse happen, where the volume from my headphones will transfer over to the integrated speakers even though the media stream should have independent volumes.

Have other users noticed this behavior? If necessary, I can give you more exact steps to reproduce this issue.



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