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PA database is in inconsistent state after full rescan


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I do a clean new install of PA v3 with .apk file from this website and than a full rescan of my music library.

When PA finished scanning, there are many empty folders shown with cover art and album title but no music files inside. I filed this bug here: Some MP3 songs seem to disappear from PA (not from phone)

After some investigation I found that there are also lots of orphaned music files in PA database displayed as "unknown artist", "unknown title" or "unknown genre". It seems that this files are the missing ones from the empty folders with no music inside. Something went wrong during music scan in PA's folder.db (pointer overflow, null pointer or something else - I don't know...)

This behavior only happens with a huge amount of music files (more than 50000 titles). If PA scans a subset of only some thousand files everything is OK.

PA v2 never had such problems and works fine for years even with more than 100000 titles.

BTW. When PA tries to play an empty music folder it crashed. I have extracted PA's error messages from Android's logcat (attached below). 


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No, there is enough disk space. PA uses 75 MB internal memory. If an app runs out of space, then there should be an error popup from Android or an error notice in logcat.

Phone is a Xiaomi Redmi5+ with octa-core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory (29 GB free space) and 400 GB microSD (24 GB free space)

The problem began after update from PA v2 to PA v3. PAv2 works fine on this phone.

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Good idea. That is what I've done: "clean new install of PA v3 with .apk file". But this doesn't help.

Somehow the assignments in database tangle up. Perhaps I should do a SQL dump of folder.db but analyzation is very cumbersome without knowledge of source code.

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An analysis of the database will not help in resolving this. (Assuming you can get to it). Did you try earlier versions of Poweramp v3? The structure of the database is more or less the same but for small changes in the playlist tables.

folder_playlists is now called playlists

- folder_playlist_entries is now called playlist_entries

- folder_playlists.name renamed to playlists.playlist

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PA v3 sometimes seems to have problems with underlying file systems.

If music is stored outside "standard" internal or external user memory then PA v3 ignores title tag and album artist tag. That sounds strange, but I've verified it with some tests.

What I do:

Music is on first partition of SD card. Additional music is on second partition of SD card (vfat). This 2nd partition is mounted on /test (vfat). In parallel I make a directory /test2 with some MP3 music files inside.

Owner of the files in /test and /test2 is user ID 9997:9997 (everybody). Rights of directories are set to 0755, files are set to 0644 ("world readable"). Directory /test2 is on root partition and therefore mounted readonly. SELinux is set to permissive.

I started PA v2 with full rescan and checked functionality. Everything works fine. Artist, album artist, embedded artwork etc. are recognized and displayed. PA v2 is OK!

The I make an upgrade to PA v3. Artist and album artist disappears and the music folders on /test and /test2 are all shown as empty, but embedded artworks are displayed. Count of music files of folders are correctly displayed, even if such folders inside are reported as empty: "Doesn't look like anything to me."

The same happens when I make a new fresh and clean install of PA v3. Music folders on /test and /test 2 are shown as empty. There must be something wrong in PA's handling of music files outside  user memory path.

In short: PA v3 works with internal and external user memory but not with music from outside. PA v2 works with music from all over.

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